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Aleali May

Los Angeles, California

How would you describe your true self, including style and personality?
My true self is passionate, laid back, spiritual, funny, and street but sweet (lol!). I feel this goes hand in hand with my style as it’s the fusion of high end fashion and streetwear.

What is the best part about being you?
The best part is self evolution. I have my own special journey. Constantly discovering my own gifts, abilities, strengths and even weaknesses.


What values do you stand for?
The Youth/millennials, young women, women in streetwear, and women of color.

How does your makeup and style reflect who you are as a person?
Its natural, edgy, minimal yet filled with small details.


What kind of people are you intrigued and/ or inspired by?
Hard working, passionate, and people who have created their own paths for success whether material or spiritual success.

Have you had any transformative or transcendent moments that have led you to finding your true self? How would you say that is reflected in your style and day to day life?
The day I decided not to compare myself to others, is one important moment I transcended. I dressed in pieces I wanted to wear and how I wanted to wear them. Through this, I gained confidence in my everyday efforts and defined my own style.


How do you exercise your freedom?
Meditation, dialogue with others, travel, and always trying new things.

What is your personal utopia?
Just the state of happiness in any form whether I’m super busy with my career or just hanging with friends and family.


What is your dream job?
I have an idea, but the job doesn’t exist yet.

What do you want to do that you haven’t done yet?
Visit Finland to see the Northern Lights while staying in the Igloo hotel, ULTIMATE DESTINATION!


What’s your 5 month plan? 5 year plan?
5 month plan is to welcome in the new year with bigger goals and great determination.
5 year plan…TBA

What is the best part of your day?
Waking up and just feeling good! New day, new start!

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