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Alliah Sophia Mourad

New York, NY

Coming of age in New York City is a unique experience, one that Alliah Sophia Mourad wouldn’t trade for anything: “New York is my heart and soul.” Always obsessed with film, she studied cinema and has worked as a producer, and is now the director of sales at LEGS. And though Alliah lives most of her life going a million miles per minute, she still craves moments when she can connect with a person, one on one. “Those moments are so rare now, they’re special.”


Zen Moment

“Since childhood, my mom always put moisturizer on my face and tapped my forehead at least 20 times. It’s a chakra thing, I try to do it every day.”


Hidden Talent

“I can balance things on my head for an obscene amount of time—I could practically do ballet with a plate on my head. My mother always enforced good posture.”


Warhol Inspired

“I love shooting screen tests with my friends. You can see so much of a person in them, it’s really personal.”


All Natural

“I prefer at ­home treatments that use natural ingredients, like honey and sugar scrubs or an egg mask. They’re the best for my skin.”


The Greats

“The Holy Mountain is such an amazing film, I can watch it over and over. It’s so stylized, complex, and in your face. Every time I watch it, I discover something new.”

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