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Amy Lee Stott

Orem, UT

When Amy Lee Stott moved to New York, only one thing mattered: “I wanted to be immersed in art and culture, to be in the middle of it all.” She grew up experimenting with different creative outlets, inspired by her grandmother who was constantly creating “crazy, eccentric art,” and her mom, a makeup artist. She studied fine art and photography in Utah before making the move, and later landed at Milk, fulfilling her desire to be at the center of a creative community.


Fave Feature

“My eyes are my favorite feature, but they’re my favorite feature on everyone. I think they’re the most important of your body—you connect with people through your eyes.”


Movie Buff

“My favorite move is Magnolia by P.T. Anderson. It’s just so peculiar and surreal, it’s amazing.”


Creative Process

“I sew a lot, just as a hobby. When I was in high school, I wanted to dress up as Daisy from The Great Gatsby for Halloween and ended up making my own dress—that sparked it.”


Style Icon

“I loved the Labyrinth. Jennifer Connolly’s whole look was amazing, I remember thinking I wanted to look just like her when I grew up.“

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