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Casil McArthur

Estes Park, CO

Feeling comfortable in your skin isn’t always easy, but once you begin to accept yourself, great things can happen. Emerging model Casil McArthur is a prime example. Though he modeled as a kid, it wasn’t until he came out as trans and began to transition that his career really took off. Mere months after beginning testosterone treatments, he landed a photo shoot with renowned photographer Craig McDean, and hasn’t looked back since. “Things have been better than I could have ever imagined, and everyone has been so supportive,” he says. “It feels good to be modeling as my true self.”


On New York
“I love that there are animé stores everywhere in New York. I have a horrible addiction and the city feeds it really well.”


Tips & Tricks
“I always keep my own brushes with me—different synthetic materials and hair types can really irritate skin, so I like making sure I have brushes that work for me.”


Get Weird
“I don’t really possess the ability to be ‘normal’ in any shape or form. I am a full package of weird, and I’ve come to embrace that.”


Spirit Animal
“A goat, I love them. I love everything about them.”


Creative Pursuits
“I’ll do anything that can express a little part of who I am, no matter what art form it is. I own a few guitars that I play, I like to draw, and I love cosplay. Really anything.”


Name Game
“My nickname is White Castle, like the burger place. It has slowly spread to all of my friends, so I’ve just had to accept my fate.”

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