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Clara McSweeney

Cork, Ireland

“I feel the most beautiful in my own skin when I stick to a healthy diet and drink lots of water,” says model Clara McSweeney of feeling and looking her best, “It’s simple but it works.” The American-born, Irish-bred redhead left the green pastures of her hometown for NYC, and has felt right at home in the city over the past two years. When she can find downtime, she loves to paint and draw, taking inspiration from the city and constantly-changing surroundings.


Happy Thoughts

“I think the secret to happiness is feeling 100% yourself and staying positive. I always tell myself ‘Think positively and good things will happen.’”


Fave Feature

“I love my cheekbones because my mom always tells me I got them from my granny!”


World Tour

“I think the most amazing place I’ve traveled was Bali—it was an incredible experience. I felt like I was in my element surrounded by nature and animals. My favorite moment was finding a hidden waterfall in the jungle, it felt like magic standing under it!”



“My favorite song is ‘Everywhere’ by Fleetwood Mac. Such a classic.”

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