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Danielle Rafanan

Seattle, WA

When Danielle Rafanan moved to New York, she caravanned with a group of 14 friends moving their record label from Salt Lake City to Bushwick. Nine years later, she’s the bookings director at Milk.


On The Road

“I’m always inspired to take photographs when I travel. One day, I want to take a motorcycle trip across the country.”


Zen Moment

“If I have a day with nothing to do, I love to put on my headphones and head up to the Met. That’s my go­to.”


On The Dance Floor

“I’ll always dance to James Brown’s ‘Get On Up.’”


The Greats

“I love Kathleen Hana from Bikini Kill. She has such an amazing voice, and is incredible as a woman and an advocate—just as a human.”


Secret To Happiness

“It’s simple: love and laughter.”

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