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Emily Bador

Brighton, UK

Emily Bador’s bright smile and sun­kissed freckles instantly capture your eye, but it’s her intelligence, charm, and big heart that will keep you captivated. The British model loves Frida Kahlo, dogs, and vintage shopping, and is not afraid to speak her mind, using her social following to shed light on issues from women’s’ reproductive rights to the plight of the homeless. She’s beautiful, brilliant, and a total badass.


Personal Style

“I’ve always been a bit quirky and weird. I used to be really into 1950s vintage dresses, or I have this bright yellow ‘70s jumpsuit, and I have this big blue furry coat that my friends call me Cookie Monster when I wear. I go to a lot of charity shops, they have such good finds.”


Fave Food

“I love Lasagna—it’s my favorite food. I want carbs, and I want cheese, and I want meat. It can never be wrong.”


Dream Gig

“I think it would be amazing to do documentary work, filming or hosting, to report on important social causes.”


Now Playing

“It changes all the time, I’ll get obsessed with one song and play it on repeat for hours. Right now I’m listening to Du Blonde.”


Night Moves

“Nothing beats a bright red lipstick for going out.”


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