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Erika Long

Athens, Greece

Erika Long’s first camera was a Polaroid i­Zone when she was five years old, a Christmas gift from her father that sparked her interest in taking photos. Growing up in Athens, Greece, she was surrounded by the city’s awe ­inspiring ancient architecture and colorful culture, further honing her eye.

When she’s not behind the lens, she leaves her mark on the world (and her friends) in another, very permanent, way: her rad stick and poke tattoos.


Teen Dream

“Diane Arbus had a big impact on me. Her work had a darker vibe and she photographed so many different types of people—I really connected with that as a teenager.”


Tips & Tricks

“My mom has always taught me to look at the ingredients of the products I use and be really conscious of what I’m putting onto my skin.”


Creative Process

“The only way I can describe my work is that I like to shoot interesting people.”


Roadtrip Essentials

“My dogs Klash and Miko, a really long playlist, and good snacks—Animal Crackers are my favorite.”


Me In Three

“Pocket sized vigilante!”


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