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Erin Eliopulos

Cincinnati, Ohio

For Erin Eliopolus, there is no simple definition of beauty: “I’ve always been taught to embrace diversity and celebrate differences in people.” A Milk Makeup girl through and through. The Ohio-native is just getting started in the modeling world, but already has ambitions to try her hand at photography too, and share her own vision with the world. “I’ve always tried to accept people for who they are, no matter what, and that’s something I want to share.”


Natural Beauty
“My mom is from Barbados and grew up using natural products and never wasting, and she’s really passed that onto me. Like after making something with an avocado, rub the soft side of the skin on your hands—it’s a great moisturizer.”


“I’ve loved Phil Collins since I saw Tarzan as a kid, and right now I’m going through a total ‘80s music phase, from Toto to Foreigner.”


Behind the Lens
“Modeling has really jump started my interest in photography, and recently I’ve started taking a lot more photos, both of my friends and random people that catch my eye. I enjoy making someone else my subject.”


Hometown Heroes
“I really look up to my mom and two older sisters. They serve as constant inspiration, and I have learned so much from all of them throughout the years.”


Good Reads
“My favorite book is Catcher in the Rye. I know a lot of people love it—it’s definitely a book that has really stuck with me, and is always in the back of my mind.”


Work It Out
“I love swimming, I used to be a competitive swimmer. Now I try to get to the pool when I can, and I also box with my dad and sister—it makes it more fun working out together.”

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