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Francesca Consarino

Genova, Italy

Filmmaker and LEGS producer Francesca Consarino always made home videos with her sister and cousins, getting comfortable behind the camera at a young age. “There wasn’t a moment when I decided I wanted to be in film,” she says. “It just happened gradually.” Fittingly, she was lured to New York after watching “too many movies” set in the city.


Morning Ritual

“On the weekends, I like to make eggs—soft scrambled. I’m known for my eggs, my sister says that I’m not allowed to make them for girls that I’m not dating.”


Good Reads

“I just discovered Charles Bukowski this year, and I really loved Women. I like how honest his writing is, it feels very natural and raw.”


Note To Self

“I always keep a notebook with me for film ideas, so I have a ton of them that I’ve kept. It’s fun to look back on things that I’ve written—the ones from my teenage years are so silly.”



“I’m drawn to the work of Paolo Sorrentino who directed the films The Great Beauty and Youth. I also love Pedro Almodovar, the way that he portrays Spanish culture, his cinematography, and use of color are amazing.”


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