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Georgie Greville

Brooklyn, NY

Georgie Greville has always lived her life on the go, moving to new countries, meeting new people, and learning to take just the essentials—especially when it comes to her beauty routine. It also fostered an innovative approach to her work as the co­founder and creative director of both Milk Makeup and LEGS: “I want to do things that are completely new, what’s the point of doing something that’s already been done.”


Oh Lolli Lolli

“I remember using cherry flavored lollipops to make my lips red when I was really young.”


Note To Self

“Do everything—there are times when you don’t get it right, but you learn from it.”



“Debbie Harry during the CBGB days always stood out to me. She knew exactly who she was, and exuded this confidence that made her so sexy.”


Inside Out

“I think it’s really important to be mindful of what you put into your body and how that affects your skin.”


Key To Happiness

“Be in touch with your spirituality and sexuality—it will keep you grounded.”


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