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Georgina Arroyo

Queens, NY

A born and bred New Yorker, Georgina Arroyo grew up exploring all the city had to offer, leading to a bit of a rebellious side: “I was constantly coming across things I wasn’t supposed to,” she says of her upbringing. Coming of age in NYC also instilled in her a love of nature, in whatever hidden pockets she could find, an appreciation that informs her work as a visual artist.



On New York

“I love that you can never see all of it—there will always be something new to explore.”


Creative Process

“As I visual artist, I’m always really drawn to musicians. The way that we create is so different, but there is a similar energy.”


Morning Ritual

“I have an iced coffee every morning no matter what the temperature, even in the middle of winter.”


Mixed Media

“I’m really inspired by the work of Shanique Smith. She works with so many different mediums, from painting and collage to textiles and and calligraphy. I love how colorful her work is, and that it breaks boundaries—it’s so different.”


Tips & Tricks

“To get a really deep clean and also help hydrate my skin, I’ll put jojoba oil on my face and then steam it with a warm towel.”


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