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Gia Seo

Bethel, Alaska

Living in a small town in Alaska, stylist and visual artist Gia Seo didn’t grow up surrounded by culture, but she always knew that her calling was creative. She moved to New York to study film and studio art at NYU, surrounding herself with people that push and inspire her. “Sometimes you get caught up and forget what you came here for, but they’re there to ground me and remind that I am my best when I am creating—that is my truest self.”


Get Outside

“Coming from a small town in Alaska, I have an appreciation for the outdoors—sometime I really miss that, and just need to be in nature to reset.”


On New York

“My experience in New York has been completely shaped by the people I’ve met here. There are so many different types of people that I’ve met and become friends, that have really enriched my life.”


Express Yourself

“I’ve always been interested in fashion as a form of expressing identity, but didn’t think about pursuing it as a career until I was in New York. My style is changing all the time, I’m definitely influenced by what’s around me.”


Night Moves

“If I’m going out, I love to go for a swipe of bright colored liner—electric blue, or green. And a dark red lip.”


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