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Grace Troxell

TK, Pennsylvania

For artist Grace Troxell, her thoughts tend to manifest in physical forms, and creating becomes almost a meditative state. From making sculptures to sewing, she feels her best when she’s able to produce through her hands. Her fine art practice melds sculpture, painting, and textiles, creating a three dimensional rendering of her innermost thoughts.


On New York

“I was studying in Glasgow but realized I wanted to be a New York artist, so I moved to the city. Keeping my eyes open, looking, and listening has provided an invaluable education here.”


Day & Night

“I like to feel comfortable in the same look both during the day and at night. Usually this means lipstick at all hours.”


Zen Moment

“Steaming at home with a few drops of lavender is a nice ritual that always leaves me relaxed.”


Morning Ritual

“I love mornings! Step one is drinking copious amounts of coffee. Next I sit in silence for a few minutes to clear my head. Then I listen to the radio while I get ready.”


Side Hustle

“I also design clothing that is meant to adapt to the movement and energy of each person who wears it—it’s minimal, and somewhat utilitarian.”


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