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Gray Sorrenti

New York City

As the daughter of famed fashion photographer Mario Sorrenti, it’s no surprise that daughter Gray feels at home in front of the camera. But she has her own aspirations to get behind the lens, too, and has been honing her skills since receiving her first Pentax K1000 a few years ago. “When I’m taking photos, I’m so focused that I completely lose myself in the moment,” she says.” It’s an amazing feeling.”


“I of course look to the work of my family—my dad, my aunt Vanina, and my Uncle Davide. And outside of that, I’m drawn to the photography of Larry Clark, Mary Ellen Mark, Daido Moriyama, and Bruce Davidson.”


On New York
“It’s the best growing up in New York. Everyone is different, and you experience so many things—it’s a lot to take in but it feels so good. You’ve gathered so much from other people.”


World Tour
“Every year we go to Deia, a small town in Mallorca, Spain. It’s a dreamland. You only do three things: go swimming off the rocks, cook paella, and go to Safonda at night. It’s so carefree—it’s just about being together and having a good time.”


Drawing Inspiration
“Since I was little I’ve been drawing and painting, which I get from my mom—she is a great artist. I’ll draw on anything.”


Go for Bold
“I recently went to India and fell in love with the way they use eyeliner—a thick, greasy line all around the eyes. It felt like they were drawing me in to look at their soul.”


Now Playing
“I listen to everything, I love music from around the world: Portuguese music, Spanish, Jamaican, Italian, French. All of it! I also listen to classic rock, and my dad and I listen to classical a lot. But when I want to dance, R&B and motown are my go-tos.”


“My mom has always called me Crazy Grazy.”

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