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Irena Mullen- Menard

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York

Growing up in Greenpoint, Irena Mullen­-Menard has seen first hand how New York City, and Brooklyn, are in constant states of change. It’s one of the things she loves most about living here: “I love how unpredictable it all is.”


Block Party

“I’ll always remember the night there was a citywide blackout one summer, and everyone just went outside and hung out in the streets—it was a giant block party in the dark.”


Prized Possesion

“A turquoise ring from my mom that she wore to her prom.”


Comfort Food

“One of my favorite spots is a place in Greenpoint called the Triple Decker Diner. It’s one of the last places here that hasn’t changed one bit.”



“I’d want to fly. It sounds cliche, but I love traveling, and I could go anywhere, anytime.”


On Art

“I like art that speaks to important ideas and interprets them in different ways.”

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