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Jassine Chrisphonte

Queens, NY

There have been a few times that Jassine Chrisphonte has left New York, but the Queens-native always makes her way back. “Everytime I leave, I really miss it,” she says, “I walk fast, I talk fast—everything about me is New York.” Working as a freelance video producer and as the assistant to Milk founder and creative director Mazdack Rassi, Jassine’s passion lies in creating content.


Big Break

“I’ve always wanted to create content, and tried to get involved with video wherever I was working at the time. The first project I produced was Solange’s video teaser for Losing You. I had so much fun working on it.”


My Signature

“I have been wearing a cat eye steadily since 2002. The first time I saw someone do it I was obsessed. Now, I’m also really into a strong brow.”


Character Study

“I’ve always been really drawn to characters from movies. Nola Darling in Spike Lee’s film She’s Gotta Have It is one of my favorites—she was such a cool creative.”


Day & Night

“My day look and my night look have pretty much merged into one at this point. My denim goes everywhere I go.”


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