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Jazzelle Zanaughatti

Detroit, MI

Being discovered on Instagram has become more and more common, but being discovered by artist and SHOWStudio founder Nick Knight? That’s another story, Jazzelle Zanaughatti’s story in fact. The androgynous model, also known by her handle @uglyworldwide, received a message from Knight and soon after was flying out to London to work with him. In a short time she has captivated the industry and become a face of the genderless fashion movement—”Not a boy or a girl, just a creature.” Just Jazzelle.


Fave Feature

“My favorite feature is my mouth, because my words have gotten me through life.”



“I’m obsessed with music, I love to sit around and just listen with friends. It’s one of my favorite things.”


Movie Night

“I love Tank Girl, both the movie and the comic, because A) She is just f*ckin cool and B) Girl Power!!”


The Secret

“The secret to happiness is to stop searching for it.”

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