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Jeshua Viveiros

Los Angeles, California

How would you describe your true self, including style and personality?
I would say that my truest self is someone who gives all of them self. I love doing things for others to see them happy. I love leather and dressing in all black but I also love wearing white and yellow and hues of blue because I’m just capricious like that! Haha I think that speaks of my personality a lot. Kind of a bunch of paradoxes. Strong but insecure at times. Loud but shy. Funny but wise. But maybe I just like to think that of myself. Haha.


What is the best part about being you?
The best part of being me is discovering all the new things I am capable of everyday.


What values do you stand for?
I stand for being your genuine self. I think we live in a world that preaches “be yourself” but doesn’t quite practice it. I really believe is being the most genuine you and being unashamed. Unless you’re a mean jerk. Don’t be a mean jerk.


How does your makeup and style reflect who you are as a person?
Clean, simple and FIERCE!


What kind of people are you intrigued and/ or inspired by?
Im totally intrigued by people who are cool and collected and fun and dress really alternatively, but have a really grounded kind side.


Have you had any transformative or transcendent moments that have led you to finding your true self? How would you say that is reflected in your style and day to day life?
Last year I had a really scary brush with cancer and it totally changed my outlook on so many things. I stopped worrying about people’s negative opinion of me. I started dressing and living for me instead of being so concerned with who would find what I was doing “cool” or whatever.


What is your personal utopia?
A dystopian society with free tacos on the beach and fresh pineapples and mangos for everyone hahah oh and Morrissey and FKA Twigs on repeat everywhere you go!


What is your dream job?
Doing music everyday and not being like….poor hah.


What do you want to do that you haven’t done yet?
I kinda want to go camping in the woods somewhere really picturesque next to a lake with someone I love. I think that would be dope.


What’s your 5 month plan? 5 year plan?
In five months I plan on releasing my first studio EP. In five years?….world domination. Hahah.


What is the best part of your day?
The best part of my day is my day is hopping into bed late at night knowing that I am working my ass off to fulfill my dreams. I just love the feeling of going to sleep with that inner contentment. I love it.

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