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Jordan Mack

Oceanside, NY

It was at the suggestion of a friend that Jordan Mack decided to start writing, working at and contributing to a variety of publications. Turns out, Jordan is pretty good at it. Guess that English Lit degree is paying off.


Milk Moments

“I interviewed Mya Taylor from Tangerine, and when I asked her what Heaven looked like, she responded, ‘Everything would be cotton candy, and pink. And we’d all have muscle cars and be singing Whitney Houston,’ That was a pretty amazing moment.”


Tips & Tricks

“My mom is meticulous about her skincare regimen, it baffles me. She swears by using Vitamin E around the eyes to prevent wrinkles.”


Original Badass

“The Labyrinth gave me a lot of beauty inspiration from the get­go. Just seeing David Bowie move, everything about him.”


Me In Three

“Enthusiastic, uncomfortable, and nervous. In that order.”


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