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Josephine Pearl Lee

Los Angeles, California

How would you describe your true self, including style and personality?

Giving u the middle finger while smiling from ear to ear :——) this is the real me.


What is the best part about being you?

The way I love myself and others.


What values do you stand for?

There are many but i think the main one that we all learned in grade school that is really the only one that matters is the golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated, with respect and love. Also, do whatever your heart desires, as long as it doesn’t hurt others or yourself; and never apologize for it.


How does your makeup and style reflect who you are as a person?

It’s always helped me express myself beyond words, clothing, music, etc. Make up allows you to use your face and body as the actual canvas and gives everyone the right to be their own painter 🙂


What kind of people are you intrigued and/ or inspired by?

I’ve always looked up to strong, independent, beautiful and pure-spirited women who are unapologetic for doing whatever the f they please.


Have you had any transformative or transcendent moments that have led you to finding your true self? How would you say that is reflected in your style and day to day life?


Yes, definitely. I think only through experiencing these transcendent moments is how you can truly transform and evolve to your true self. Your true self is ever changing but your core remains the same. For me, these moments, usually of hardship, are the ones that have made me develop my most favorite and important characteristics that I don’t think I could have acquired on my own and affects the way I see, process, feel, smell, and hear things everyday.


How do you exercise your freedom?

Living a free life.


What is your personal utopia?

A huge pajama party in the clouds where they play pc music and everyone is nice to each other and dances.


What is your dream job?

A job where i can be my own boss and help people.


What do you want to do that you haven’t done yet?

Explore the world.


What’s your 5 month plan? 5 year plan?

I honestly couldn’t tell ya!!1 I don’t even know my 5 day plan.


What is the best part of your day?

It used to be waking up now I can’t wait to go to sleep


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