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Katie Moore

Houston, TX

After being scouted in a church pew in her hometown of Houston, Katie Moore began modeling and moved to New York—a move that has led to countless new friends, experiences, and opportunities. “I love living in the city, it has such a vibrant energy,” she says. “And you meet so many good souls, everywhere you go.”


Tips & Tricks

“Working with so many different makeup artists, I’ve learned how important skin prep is. It totally sets your look.”


Center Stage

“I grew up doing musical theater—my favorite role was in Chicago—I always thought I’d end up doing that. In New York I still try to take dance classes when I have time.”


Break It Down

“Anytime Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ comes on, that will definitely get me on the dance floor.”


Morning Ritual

“Every morning, I have a glass of warm water with lemon. It instantly refreshes me and helps me wake up.”


My Mantra

“Everything is temporary. If you’re in a rough situation, it won’t last. But if you’re in a good place, don’t take it for granted either.”

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