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Lauryn Holmquist

Houston, TX

For model and photographer Lauryn Holmquist, creating an image always starts with an emotional connection: “It’s tied to what I’m feeling at the moment.” After spending several years in Los Angeles, the Texas ­native recently moved to New York, always knowing it was a city she needed to live in.


The Greats

“I’m a big fan of Annie Leibovitz’s early black and white work, and Nan Goldin. I’m also inspired by old documentary films, I’ve found I can pull inspiration from them and really make it my own.”


On New York

“There is so much material everywhere—I’m on a high everytime I walk out the door.”


Good Reads

“I often re­read the book Einstein’s Dreams by Alan Lightman. As my life changes, I constantly pull different things from the same story.”


World Tour

“I recently went to Japan, spending time in Tokyo and Nagano—there is something so cool about capturing it visually. And the style there is so interesting, almost uniform.”


Now Playing

“Since I moved to New York it’s been a lot of The Smiths and The Doors.”


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