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Marcia Lynn Callaghan

Lake Forest, IL

As Milk’s events director, Marcia Callaghan leads all of the amazing shindigs that Milk has become known for, from helping to produce MADE Fashion Week and the always ­packed gallery shows to the infamous Jam Room sessions. Put simply, she “makes fun.”


Mall Rats

“My style has definitely evolved—I started as kind of a mall girl, and now I’m super into vintage. I love hunting for amazing pieces, it’s like finding treasure.”


Tips & Tricks

“I was always a magazine reader and I loved Allure. It taught me to make a mess of your mascara and clean it up after. Don’t be shy about it.”


Milk Memories

“The Jam Room shows are always my favorite—but what happens in the Jam Room, stays in the Jam Room.”


Current Obsession

“Upgrade the pajama—I’m collecting vintage silk pajama sets. It’s time for old sweats to go.”


Zen Moment

“I keep eucalyptus in the bathroom, it is aromatherapy heaven.”


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