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Marilu Donovan

Houston, TX

With her parents entrenched in Houston’s local music scene, harpist Marilu Donovan was surrounded by sound from the start. After studying at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, she moved to New York on a whim, packing up her car and making the eight-­hour drive just as her Canadian visa expired. She collaborates with musicians, friends, and artists, expanding beyond the traditional sounds of the harp to create something new.


With The Band

“Growing up, we had extra beds at the house for musicians who were on tour to stay with us—I was constantly around music.”


City Streets

“I love the sense of community you get from being out on the streets in New York and just passing by people.”


Original Badass

“I remember watching my mom do a cat eye when I was young—I thought it looked so punk.”


Now Playing

“The composer Michael Pisaro is a favorite, he works with such a different variety of sounds.”


Dream Gig

“It would be so amazing to play with Bjork. I know the harpist that plays with her and I completely admire and look up to her.”


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