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Marissa Evans

Mendocino, CA

Marissa Evans grew up around cameras, her parents documenting every moment big or small, sparking her love of creating images, from illustration and oil painting to photography. She is constantly inspired by the way that people interact with images, and how personal that interaction is: “You might be drawn to an image, and someone else will like it for completely different reasons.”


In The Family

“My great grandfather was the first patent lawyer for Kodak, so we have a lot of old cameras in the family that always really intrigued me.”


World Tour

“I love to travel—you can learn so much by experiencing different cultures, it helps you appreciate and understand and change.”


On New York

“You can constantly reinvent yourself in New York, and no matter what you’re interested in, you can find people interested in the same things.”


Color Code

“I have an excessive amount of makeup—so many eyeshadows and lipsticks. I think coming from a background in painting, I just love to have a lot of color options.”


Creative Process

“I’ve always been been drawn to the development side of photography, in the dark room. I love the science behind it.”


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