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Matt Davidson

New York CIty

Though he doesn’t always dabble in makeup, model Matthew Davidson was down to try. “I used to listen to a lot of hardcore bands that wore eyeliner and makeup, so it wasn’t totally outside my comfort zone,” he says. “It was cool to experiment.” When he’s not on the runway or at a shoot, the native New Yorker spends time making music of his own. “I’ve played in different bands with friends and love making beats and producing—it’s definitely something I want to spend more time on.” We’ll be all ears when he does.



“I listen to all types of music. It used to be a lot of hardcore and emo, and then I started listening to more rap, R&B, rock. Right now I’m really into Tame Impala, they’re dope.”


On New York

“Every time I land in New York after being gone, I feel like I can exhale. Just like, ‘Thank God I’m back.’”


Name Game

“My family calls me Rara, I honestly don’t know why but they always have.”


Rules of Attraction

“I’m interested in what someone’s about—how they carry themselves, how they talk, if they listen. I feel like you can tell a lot about a person from their eyes, you can see what’s going on inside.”

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