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Regina Kokoszka

Three Rivers, Massachusetts

For photographer and Milk Digital producer Regina Kokoszka, much of her photography work is inspired by people, places, and things she loves—from her adorable pup to the rugged landscapes upstate. She took a photography class in high school, shooting on film and developing prints in the dark room, and fell in love with the process: “I think anyone who has the opportunity to develop their own film and print their photographs can attest to the magic of it.”


Dream Gig

“I’d love to work on a photography project to benefit the lives of shelter dogs—raising money for shelters, and raising awareness of the cruelty and neglect that they suffer. And ultimately finding them homes forever.”


The Greats

“I will always love the photography of Stephen Shore.”


My Memoir

“A book about the story of my life would be called The Crazy Organized Dog Lady.”



“It’s hard to decide because there is so much good music out there, but three of my forever favorites are Wilco, Pavement, and Radiohead.”


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