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Rickey Thompson

Glendale, California

How would you describe your true self, including style and personality?

 I would have to describe myself as being out there, different, and fun! I love being different and outgoing!


What is the best part about being you?

I think the best part about me is I’m not afraid  to be different! Before I use to be so scared of what everyone thought about me but then I got this confidence and now I don’t care what anyone thinks, as long as Im happy that all that matters to me!


What values do you stand for?

Equal rights, self love etc.


How does your makeup and style reflect who you are as a person?

I think by me taking all these risk with my style it just shows how different I am, how I think outside the box, Im someone who isn’t boring, a risk taker etc. So it basically just shows how outgoing I am.


What kind of people are you intrigued and/ or inspired by?

I am so inspired by people who are not just black and white and bland. I love people who are colorful and fun and just different. For example Rihanna one of my biggest inspirations, I love how different she is! People may say her fashion is ugly but she walks around and doesn’t  care and she rocks it! So I love people like that!


Have you had any transformative or transcendent moments that have led you to finding your true self?

Well back in the day I would get bullied 24/7 and then I went through this faze were I would try to be like others just so people would stop making fun of me. I found out by me doing this I wasn’t being the true me and I wasn’t happy at all! So finally I stopped all of that and then developed this tough skin and then once all of that happened I was finally happy being me!


How would you say that is reflected in your style and day to day life?

By me finally having this tough skin it has helped me live my life with lots of confidence and I will say this had my life way better than before. I find myself more happier!


How do you exercise your freedom? 

Being care free, expressing myself in my own way etc.


What is your personal utopia?

In my personal utopia there is not hate just love! Everything is just bright and colorful! Everyones style is unique and fun, and everyday is like basically like a big party!


What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a successful actor but also I would love to dip into fashion!


What do you want to do that you haven’t done yet?

I really want to design my own clothing line! Ive always wanted to see people wear my clothes so hopefully that will happened soon!


What’s your 5 month plan? 5 year plan?

 5 month plan: Keep building my acting brand like getting into more thinks dealing with acting! 5 Year plan: work hard enough to finally get that big movie deal and to keep working on getting more and more successful in the entertainment industry.


What is the best part of your day?

The best part of my day is when I finally get alone time! I love to just unwind and just chill out. I love to listen to music, eat food, dance so that is deff the best part of my day!

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