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Sabina Karlsson

Stockholm, Sweden

It’s not always easy to embrace who we are, but if Sabina Karlsson is any example, great things can happen when you do. Modeling since the age of four, it was when she started to own her curves that she found not only happiness, but success. “I started working more and more, and had the opportunity to meet other women who really appreciated their bodies,” she says. “They helped me.” Sabina has helped usher in a wave of models who are breaking the mold when it comes to body type, and it’s been a uniquely rewarding experience. “It feels good to be a spokesperson and to help young girls—and women—to feel comfortable in their own skin.”


Home Turf
“If anyone is visiting Sweden, I tell them to take a boat to the islands in the Stockholm Archipelago—it’s so beautiful. You can have a BBQ out there, and eat strawberries with milk and sugar, how the Swedes do it. It’s my favorite.”


“I’m definitely a spiritual person—I believe that people possess distinct energies. I just got my first tarot card deck and am learning to read them from friends.”


Cold Shot
“Whenever I take a shower or wash my face, I always end with cold water for a few seconds—or as long as i can stand it. It helps close your pores, and it wakes you up.”


World Tour
“Thailand is one of my favorite places in the world. The beaches are so pristine, the food is amazing, and the people are so welcoming.”


Good Times
“I’m all about enjoying the moment. Whether it’s eating good food, dancing to music, or being with friends and family, I just love to have a good time.”

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