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Sahara Lin

Wales, UK

Part of a new crop of models known not only for their fresh faces, but also for their personalities, Sahara Lin has become a favorite with her “brace­face smile” and her humorous, slightly rebellious charm. An avid artist, she always carries a notebook with her to start new drawings, and spends her downtime making beats, expressing herself through sound.



“My mum inspires my music and artwork—not the look of it, but she has shown me that you can express ideas and feelings through so many different mediums.”


Tips & Tricks

“I use a clay mask that is just a mix apple cider vinegar and calcium bentonite powder that is really gentle but effective.”


Get Dressed

“My personal style is sort of ‘80s or ‘90s Playboy. I wear a ton of pastel faux furs, I love metallic pants, and tons of Playboy and Hello Kitty accessories.”


Side Hustle

“I make beats and music on my downtime. My mum was in an electronica band in Germany and my grandfather was a Latin Jazz musician, so I’ve always been surrounded by different sounds. I love that I can make beats on my own, and express a feeling without having to say anything.”


Creative Process

“I just want to keep exploring myself as an artist—in whatever form that takes. There are no limits.”

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