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Samantha Urbani

Mystic, Connecticut

New York’s melting pot of people and cultures has always been Samantha Urbani’s favorite thing about the city. “It’s why I moved here originally, and it’s why I keep coming back here even when I think I’m moving,” she says. At 22, she started her first band—Friends—and has worked on both solo and collaborative projects for the last five years, becoming a fixture of New York’s music scene. Inspired by a favorite album, she just launched her own record label, URU, that will be a vehicle for her own music as well as other artists that she loves.


With The Band

“I was always obsessed with making music, but I was scared of sharing it with people. Then I got to a point where I realized I wasn’t doing what I needed to, and quit everything to put my energy into starting a band.”


True Beauty

“When someone has passion for what they do, that’s beautiful.”


You Are You

“The idea for the label, URU, was inspired by the Rexy album Running Out of Time. An old roommate played me the album and I became obsessed with it, but no one had ever really heard of it—it should have been one of the classics of that era. I wanted to be able to re­introduce it to the world.”


On The Dance Floor

“I love so many different types of music, it’s impossible to pinpoint favorites. But I do love Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation, it’s a perfect pop album.”


Note To Self

“Songs come to me whenever I’m alone. Usually melody and lyrics come at the same time—it’s like a song that gets stuck in my head that already exists, it’s very immediate. I’ll record it to my voice memos, almost like a freestyle.”


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