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Shannon Tillery

Miami, FL

A former ballerina, Shannon Tillery threw herself into New York’s fast­­paced way of life at 17 when she began modeling, running between castings, photo shoots, and fashion shows. After several years working in fashion, she decided she “wanted to help people in a different way,” and is now studying to become a doctor.


Secret To Happiness

“I always try to remind myself, ‘You’re doing better than you’re feeling right now.’ It helps to step outside your current situation and see the big picture.”


Creative Process

“I taught myself to play guitar a couple years ago, and even if I only have 20 minutes, it’s one of those things I have to do to stay balanced and sane. I’ve been writing some new songs lately, which has been really rewarding.”


Original Badass

“My mom tends to keep her makeup pretty simple, but always dyed her hair—my dad loves to tell the story of when they met, and she had a million different colored streaks.”


My Style

“I learned from ballet to appreciate simple, strong lines when it comes to my clothes.”


Number One Fan

“One of my favorite bands is Against Me! I saw them play in a basement in Birmingham, Alabama when I was a teenager and it was insane.”

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