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Stav Strashko

Tel Aviv, Israel

The path of self-discovery is complicated for everyone, but for many who don’t feel like they fit the typical gender molds, it can be even harder. For model Stav Strashko, it took several years to become comfortable with her true self, and now she’s hoping to spread that same love and acceptance to others. “There are so many struggles that trans people face because of the world we live in,” she says. “Modeling has helped me accept myself the way I am.”


Take Care

“My mom constantly reminds me to let my body rest and get a good night’s sleep, and to drink lots of water.”


Side Hustle

“I have always loved acting in addition to modeling. I have some experience acting in a TV series in Israel, and I’m currently involved in another upcoming series. It’s definitely something I want to continue to pursue.”



“When I have the chance, I like to cook a nice dinner with my friends and just relax and watch a movie with a glass of wine.”


Super Power

“If I was a superhero, I’d want to be clairvoyant. I would love to know the future.”

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