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Thistle Brown

Kamo, New Zealand

For Thistle Brown, art was not only a creative outlet, it was a ticket to see the world. “I had a wonderful upbringing, but knew that I wanted to experience more, and I was looking for a vehicle to drive me away from my small town,” he says. “It just so happened that fashion was that ticket.” After studying textiles at the Auckland University of Technology, he moved to New York and works primarily as a stylist, balancing other creative projects that inspire him. “I love that there is no right or wrong method,” he says of his work. “It’s unpredictable and constantly changing.”


Creative Process

“It always begins with a conversation with whoever I’m collaborating with. I love that we are able to come up with a raw idea and work together to make that a reality.”


Prized Possesion

“My best friend gave me a Vivienne Westwood t­shirt that features her iconic squiggle print. It’s super old—you can almost smell the nights it’s seen.”


The Greats

“Mark Borthwick’s photos have been really inspiring and influential. I love his conceptual approach, it is quite realistic but still has an element of fantasy and escapism.”


On Repeat

“I have two sides, but a lot of the time I like music that is uplifting and makes me dance, really any album by ESG. And I also love the band Suicide, they’re song ‘Dream Baby Dream’ is one of my favorites.”


Favorite Feature

“I like to dance my way into the day—the song depends on the mood. Or does the mood depend on the song? I don’t know.”


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