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Alanna Pearl

Los Angeles, California
Model and Stylist

My true self is happy, very loyal, authentic as hell, as well as a bit sassy, but still smart. This translates into my personality and then overlaps with my personal style — I’m a fairly open book and wear my heart on my sleeve. I always dress to match my mood, but a large element of comfort is involved as it’s hard to look good when you don’t feel comfortable. I also love to add a bit of sexiness, of course! I hope my style reflects that I’m welcome and open, but with a slight intimidation factor. As a single female living alone in this world, I like to keep an edge to me, I try to only attract people with enough balls to approach me.
The best part about being me is just that, I’m me. There isn’t another person just like me! I stand for loyalty, sticking to your word, and keeping your commitments. I’m inspired by unique people, people who’s inner beauty you can see from the outside, those that are open to others and only have love to give. There is no room for negativity or selfishness in this life.
I try to reflect on each day before I retire for the night. I like to think about choices I made and how they affected my day, or even on a larger scale of my life. Everyday I like to try at least one new thing and learn as much as I can on it for the day. I enjoy and appreciate these moments in helping me grow up and accept the world and what it has to offer.





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