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Allegra Lee

Victoria, British Columbia
Events @ Milk

Having developed an affinity for dressing up and playing with her look, Allegra Lee always knew she would be in fashion, but wasn’t quite sure in what capacity. After testing out various facets of the industry, from styling and editorial to marketing, she joined the Milk family and found her niche planning events, from Jam Room sessions to the always ­memorable MADE fashion week parties. “I’ll never forget the first Hood By Air show at Milk” she remembers. “I managed to pop in at the last minute, and it was so next level — it transcended the clothes, telling a story and creating an entire experience.”

Her personal style is equally eclectic: “Face jewels are definitely my go-­to for a night out, I always have them on hand for special occasions,” she says. As are her style icons: “Rose McGowan in the ‘90s was so epic. I loved how her characters dressed in Jawbreaker and her more obscure films, and even her red carpet appearances when she was dating Marilyn Manson — that naked dress was amazing.”




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