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Anja Konstantinova

Melbourne, Australia

Anja K’s personality is as bright and sunny as her bleach-blonde hair. After being spotted while working at her local hair salon in Melbourne, the Aussie (by way of Russia) has spent the last few years traveling the world for work, and taking in the beauty of her surroundings from Bali to Rio. “Every city is beautiful in some way, I’m discovering what each place has to offer,” she says. Anja now calls London home (“I fell in love with a man, and now he’s my husband,” she says of her move), and when she’s not on set or the runway, spends time working on her other love: floristry. “A few years ago I had some free time and a took a course in floristry,” she explains. “I fell in love — I knew I’d found my passion. When I have time off, I work with an amazing woman whose company is called Fjura. It’s something I want to continue until I’m old and grey.”

“My style is fun, playful, and a bit groovy. I feel like as I’m getting older, my outfits are getting crazier,” she says. “I love having a pop of color on my eyes — I’m really into orange at the moment. I like to put a little orange eye shadow on the top and the bottom, and then go quite heavy with mascara.”




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