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Candice Ralph

Hong Kong

Born just outside of London and raised in Hong Kong, Candice Ralph never really thought too much about New York. But after being accepted to Parsons School of Design, she made the move and fell in love with the city and hasn’t left. “There’s always an interesting experience around the corner, new people to meet, or an amazing project to work on.” 


“As an art director, I’m always looking at images and design for inspiration,” she explains. “My favorite design nerds are Herb Lubalin and Alexey Brodavitch. Image-wise, I’m very inspired by the smart but playful compositions of Guy Bordin, and the candid moments of Henri Cartier Bresson.” I take a lot of photos. I’m technically inept, but it’s all about the composition for me, so it’s usually on my phone or a disposable. I recently found my Grandfather’s 35mm from the 90’s which has been fun to play with. I especially love taking photos when I travel. I think I see more.”

As for her style, it changes day-to-day. “My outfit definitely depends on my mood,” she explains “There’s no point in trying to plan it the night before… it just has to land on my body in the right way. Most of my wardrobe is from vintage stores, I like that that’s sustainable and it feels one of-a-kind. My mom rarely wore makeup, but I was exposed to it at a young age because I did a lot of dance performances. Makeup was a way to transform myself into different characters.”




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