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Elizabeth De La Piedra

Sydney, Australia

Photographer Elizabeth De La Piedra started taking photos that she could draw from, but soon began to prefer her time behind the lens. “From the beginning, I’ve looked up to the masters: Irving Penn, Guy Bourdin, Serge Lutens,” she says. “From the composition to the attention to detail, they took the time to get it right.” After moving to the States, she spent time interning with photographers like Ryan McGinley and Chris Buckley, and has developed her eye taking photos of musicians on the road. She’s focused on creating work that is uniquely hers, honing a distinct visual point of view, and finds herself constantly inspired by vibrance of youth culture.


As for her style? “I always wear lip liner in dark brown, but if I don’t have lip liner I sometimes use eyeliner or brow pencil,” she says. “One thing I always wear are my hoops.”


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