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Georgina Arroyo

Queens, NY
Creative Director

A born and bred New Yorker, Georgina Arroyo grew up exploring all the city had to offer, leading to a bit of a rebellious side. “I was constantly coming across things I wasn’t supposed to,” she says of her upbringing. “I love that you can never see all of New York — there will always be something new to explore.” Coming of age in NYC also instilled in her a love of nature, in whatever hidden pockets she could find, an appreciation that informs her work as a visual artist.


“As I visual artist, I’m always really drawn to musicians. The way that we create is so different, but there is a similar energy,” she notes. “I’m also inspired by the work of Shanique Smith. She works with so many different mediums, from painting and collage to textiles and and calligraphy. I love how colorful her work is, and that it breaks boundaries — it’s so different.”


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