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Jean Pacheo "Coneja"

Los Angeles, California
Makeup Artist

My makeup style is 100% chola hyna, representin’ my blood and the city I grew up in! The best part about being me is that I’m such a fluid, free person. I’m not one to easily judge — I have a really high shock factor. Maybe I’m just desensitized. But either way it’s made me a very accepting person. Growing up in an old-school Mexican household where a woman’s worth was her beauty and how virginal she was has made me really value women and fight against the shackles we women were born into — a big ‘fuck you’ to misogyny.


The people that intrigue me most and inspire me most have been 100 percent women. Especially talented musicians in the dark wave/goth genre and old school hynas who were the first girl gangsters in the ’90s to start wearing masculine clothes. Before that they were just ‘arm candy’ and wore tight bombshell clothing that emulated ’60s bombshells — until the ’90s tomboys rolled through. I love it so much. Huge style inspo.


I used to weigh 240 pounds and was very embarrassed by my body. I slowly realized fuck this, my fupa is mad cute and I began having 0 shame about my cute lil fupa! I draw naked women mostly and they all have my beloved lil tummy chub.


I exercise my freedom everyday. By unapologetically wearing what I want, saying what I want. Regardless of people trying to put me in a box!

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