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Jeshua Viveiros

Los Angeles, California

I love leather and dressing in all black but I also love wearing white and yellow and hues of blue because I’m just capricious like that! I think that speaks of my personality a lot — it’s kind of a bunch of paradoxes. Strong, but insecure at times. Loud but shy. Funny but wise. But maybe I just like to think that about myself.
Last year I had a really scary brush with cancer and it totally changed my outlook on so many things. I stopped worrying about people’s negative opinion of me. I started dressing and living for me instead of being so concerned with who would find what I was doing “cool” or whatever. The best part of being me is discovering all the new things I am capable of everyday.
I stand for being your genuine self. I think we live in a world that preaches “Be Yourself,” but doesn’t quite practice it. I really believe is being the most genuine you and being unashamed. Unless you’re a mean jerk. Don’t be a mean jerk.





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