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Karen Yeung

Los Angeles, California
Beauty Influencer

I’m awkward, prefer to be different, and go against the grain — the weirder the better. I don’t care what other people think about me. My makeup style is a blend of cute and whacky, so you wouldn’t be surprised to find a stamp heart or glitter freckles on my face. Art is my utopia. I love getting lost in creative research and experiencing new images and music. It feeds my soul. I exercise my freedom through making art in the form of YouTube videos. I also find freedom in traveling to new countries and expanding my perceptions about what this world means to me.
I stand for being authentic and true to who you are without giving up any part of yourself. Failing out of college for a time period was pretty transformative. No one was looking out for me, so I knew I better start making something for myself! I’m no longer afraid of failure and being who I am, even if people consider it different or weird.




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