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Artist, etc.

I always gotta have a lash! Aside from that, I’m just into color in general. For me, makeup is like war paint almost. It’s something I do to help me leave the house, to help me feel comfortable leaving the house, because it’s not easy for girls like me. I like to have as much fun as I can with something that’s actually really serious.
I hope my look communicates confidence and assurance in oneself. I hope it communicates that because it’s just very hard for girls like me, for trans women, trans femmes of color, just to exist in general, so for one of us to be existing and doing this is amazing. My favorite beauty rule to break? I think we broke one today with my brows! We were just talking about how everyone’s going for natural, bushy brows, and I’m just like I’m gonna do a block brow in purple or orange! I love fucking it up!

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