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Rickey Thompson

Glendale, California
YouTube Influencer

I think the best part about me is that I’m not afraid to be different. Before, I used to be so afraid of what everyone thought of me, but then I got this confidence and now I don’t care what anyone thinks! As long as I’m happy, that’s all that matters to me. I think by taking risks with my style, I show how different I am, how I think outside the box, and how I’m someone who isn’t boring. I am inspired by people who are not just black and white and bland — I love people who are colorful, fun, and different. Rihanna is one of my biggest inspirations. People may say her style is ugly, but she walks around like she doesn’t care and she rocks it!

Back in the day I would get bullied 24/7 and I went through a phase where I tried to be like others just so people would stop making fun of me. I found out I wasn’t being the true me and I wasn’t happy at all. So, finally I stopped all of that and developed this tough skin and once that happened I was finally happy being me.


In my personal utopia there is no hate, just love. Everything is just bright and colorful! Everyone’s style is unique and fun, and everyday is like basically like a big party!





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