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Sahara Lin

Wales, UK

Part of a new crop of models known not only for their fresh faces, but also for their personalities, Sahara Lin has become a favorite with her “brace­face smile” and her humorous, slightly rebellious charm. An avid artist, she always carries a notebook with her to start new drawings, and spends her downtime making beats, expressing herself through sound. “My mum was in an electronica band in Germany and my grandfather was a Latin Jazz musician, so I’ve always been surrounded by different sounds,” she says. “I love that I can make beats on my own, and express a feeling without having to say anything.”


Naturally, Sahara is also known for her out-there on- and off-duty style: “My personal style is sort of ‘80s or ‘90s Playboy,” she says. “I wear a ton of pastel faux furs, I love metallic pants, and tons of Playboy and Hello Kitty accessories.”


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