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Sophia Roe

New York, NY

It’s really easy to look at anybody and assume you know their story. There’s a lot to say about somebody who’s just real about who they are as a human, as a woman. Ultimate power is letting go of insecurities and being like, you know what, just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s not amazing.

A lot of people assume that I’m the cutesiest, girliest, haven’t been through anything person, but in reality I run 10 different kitchens! I have burns, I have scars!

We’re taught to be compliant and to be perfect, which automatically makes us combative and insecure to one other. When you walk out of the house, somebody’s gonna say something and somebody’s gonna look at you. You just have to stand up tall and be like, you know what, I’m living my life — for me.

It took me time to figure out who I wanted to be, to be comfortable and confident. Now I think I’m the coolest and I’m only getting cooler.

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