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Tashnima Choudhury

Bronx, NY
Elementary Teacher

Beautycon Casting Winner! At Milk Makeup, we’re always on the lookout for individuality, creativity, and self-expression. That’s why, for our first ever appearance at Beautycon NY, we decided to hold a live casting for the next big names in beauty — right in the middle of the festival. We were totally blown away and ended up finding 5 attendees to feature, and we’ll be rolling them out on all week long. Stay tuned for more from these amazing up-and-comers — we’re sure you’ll be seeing them around…


“I was excited that Milk Makeup was casting real people to represent their products. I feel I represent the everyday girl who loves makeup, and I’m comfortable in my own skin. I had never tried anything like this before, so I was nervous, but excited. I couldn’t stop giving the cheesiest smile!
I’m always working to balance my busy life as a mom and a teacher. I like to look good for work, which motivates me to start off every day positively because I feel good! Makeup in general motivates me to feel good, even though my husband says I don’t need it! Living with my husband has made me realize I’m beautiful with it and without it, but it’s my personal choice to put it on every day.
My favorite beauty rule to break (which you shouldn’t!) is not washing my face before I go to sleep. I know it’s bad, but working full time and being a mother of 3, it can happen! The best piece of beauty advice I’ve received is to use a primer. Before that, I always wondered why my makeup only lasted half the day and why my eye shadow never came out the way I wanted…
What I want my look to communicate is that being different and unique is beautiful! I want my kids and young girls to know that however you decide to present yourself is beautiful. It took me a while to accept that, especially when I started wearing the hijab. I kept worrying about how others perceived me. Makeup gave me a way to express myself and helped me with my insecurities; it makes me feel confident and like I can tackle my day. It’s such a positive thing in my life and I hope others can see it that way, too.”

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